Getting a provisional driving licence


Before your start…
Before you can start to drive you will need a valid provisional driving licence. You also have to be at least 17 years old. If you do not have provisional driving licence, you can either apply online by going to the DLVA website or fill in a D1 application form which can be found from your local post office.

We advise you to apply for your provisional licence about 4 months before your 17th birthday so you can start having lessons as soon as you turn 17.

Once you start having lessons your instructor will be able to advise you how long you should take to pass the driving test. The current national average is about 45 hours of tuition and 22 hours of private practice, but we can ensure you that if you try your best you will pass a lot quicker than the national average. Our average is about 25 hours of tuition.

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