Our 20 Point Plan


The 20 Point Plan

Here’s a little taster of what’s to come when you start to learn to drive.  It’s our tried and tested 20 point plan that covers all the skills you need to learn in order to pass your driving test.

1. Cockpit Drill and Controls
2. Moving and Stopping
3. Left Turns (Major to Minor)
4. Right Turns (Major to Minor)
5. Left Turns T-Junction (Minor to Major)
6. Right Turns T-Junction (Minor to Major)
7. Crossroads
8. Use of Mirrors
9. Controlled Stop
10. Use of Signals
11. Pedestrian Crossings
12. Meeting Traffic
13. Adequate Clearance
14. Crossing the Path of Traffic
15. Overtaking
16. Turn in the Road
17. Left Corner Reverse
18. Right Corner Reverse
19. Reverse Park
20. Bay Parking

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