Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons from Platinum Driving School

The easiest way of getting on the road and learning to drive is in automatic car.

One of the hardest and stress aspects of learning to drive in a manual car is mastering the clutch, clutch control and to changing gears. It’s no wonder lots of people chose to learn to drive in an automatic car.

Taking automatic driving lessons make learning to driver much easier.  You only need to thing about using two pedals; the accelerator and brake pedal. Using gears is simpler as well; all you do is put the gear into ‘Drive’, rather than having to move up and down six gears. It also means you won’t stall the car.

With the instruction of our experienced driving instructors, we find that our learner drivers tend to be ready for a driving test in fewer driving lessons than students being taught in a manual car. This can help you to reduce the cost of learning to drive.

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Making your decision – Automatic or Manual Car?

Anyone can learn to drive an automatic car. You can have automatic driving lessons and take your test in one.

You can also start lessons in an automatic car and then switch to manual once you have a gained some confidence.  Some people will take their first driving test in an automatic car and then learn to drive a manual car afterwards.

We have also worked with drivers who have tried to learn to drive in a manual car without success and are looking to switch to an automatic car.

Advantages of an automatic

The driving test is the same for all types of cars, but it can feel much easier for some people.

It can be quicker to learn to drive, fewer lessons would reduce the cost of passing your driving test. (Your driving ability will also have impact on the number of lessons).

Some people feel that an automatic car is safer, as you don’t have to worry about clutch or gears.

Some people find them easier to drive.


Dis-advantages of an automatic

If you pass your test in an automatic car, you can only drive and automatic car.

If you decide that you want to drive a manual car, you would have to re-take a driving test in a manual car.

When your buying a car, there tend be fewer automatic cars available, compare with manual cars

Automatic cars can be more expensive than the equivalent manual car – check our Parker’ Guide on an automatic v manual cars.