Benefits of learning to drive in an Automatic


Learn to drive in an automatic car / Automatic Driving Lessons
Advantages of learning with an automatic driving Lessons:
An automatic car has an automatic gearbox that changes the gears for you and there are only two foot pedals, the accelerator (gas) and footbrake, which are operated with the right foot.

  • No stalling the engine or rolling back on hills
  • Automatic Driving Lessons
  • Easier and simpler way of driving Automatic car
  • No gear worries
  • No clutch control required
  • An easy way to pass quickly with fewer lessons required
  • Concentrate on reading the road instead of thinking which gear you are in
  • Good for the stop/start of town and city driving – getting  less tiring
  • Pass your driving test in Automatic car with fewer Driving lessons

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